Brilliant and inspirational blogs

These guys make me happy. You’d probably enjoy them too. 

David Leibovitz - You will drool.

Mon Food Blog - Practical, italian-inspired recipes. 

Paris vs. New York - Clever, beautiful. 

Pea Green Cactus - Bookmarks and Luggage Tags wouldn’t exist without this awesome lady’s encouragement. Fabulous writing and darn good ideas. 

Roving Bandit - Development economics and South Sudan commentary. Always informed and interesting, even if you aren’t connected to South Sudan. 

Smitten Kitchen - Deb wasn’t the only one to teach me how to cook, but she’s definitely helped me feed myself and my friends over the past several years (and might be the reason why I like bourbon and don’t eat much seafood-perhaps I’m a little attached to my favorite food blogger).  She’s a charming writer and excellent photographer and has a new cookbook out. 

Wanderings of a Cheerful Stoic - My friend’s interesting foreign service existence. Want to see life as a diplomat or vicariously visit Sierra Leone? She’s your blogger. 

Wronging Rights - Hilarious and smart. If something human rights-related seems bogus to you, you’ll likely find a well-argued takedown here. 

Yes and Yes - Sarah links to all kinds of inspirational ladies and is a most enjoyable writer. My go-to spot if I need advice or a pick-me-up.

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